Down with change! (Movement, line of flight, dynamic as opposed to static.)
Up with stasis!

At least in one register: my wife and I are signing a lease to stay in our apartment one more year. We moved in this past February. In the past ten years I have moved 16 times, counting this last one and not counting the three months I lived in hotels in Missouri (for any readers from outside the US, it’s pronounced “Misery,” or at least would be if names corresponded to essences), between six cities or towns, located in three countries and three different states in the US, not counting existential states at least some of which are capable of spatial overlap such as depression, confusion, elation, inebriation, etc. This place will be ours for (at least) 18 months in total, my longest one time residence in a decade. (In a spirit of World Cup inspired something or other I’ll be shooting to make then break that record for personal best.)