There’s an IWW campaign on at the Shattuck Cinema in Berkeley California, part of the Landmark Cinema chain. More details can be found here. You can download a leaflet via a link here. We went out leafletting this past weekend, found customers very receptive – several gave us their phone numbers. You can locate the 58 Landmark theaters via the company’s web site here. We know some folks who were part of a union attempt (with the UFCW) at the Landmark theaters here a few years ago, management did a pretty aggressive union busting campaign (and the UFCW campaign sounds like it was flawed, but I’m a bit sectarian about this stuff). The UFCW has one Landmark theater, the IWW has one as well.

Landmark’s niche market is arty movies, and leftish documentaries. One of the VIPs for the parent company, 2929 Entertainment, Mark Cuban, is real far right (likes Ayn Rand), which I think is rather ironically funny. Cuban has a blog you can read, here:

He’s also the owner of a sports team in Texas and you can send him email here:

The other VIP, Todd Wagner, has helped fund leftish films in production and a Google search lists him as a “philanthropist.” He can be reached by email via a link here:

and here:

You can also reach him via a link at the Todd Wagner Foundation here:

Go say hi.