Got some bad news just before xmas. Someone close to the family’s probly getting deported. They’re from someplace in Europe. They came here on a tourist visa and overstayed. They brought their kids over without visas, using some kind of papers which aren’t totally up and up, I’m not clear on what the deal is here. They were found out and got convicted (this is a felony, which is absurd). The conviction was for house arrest.

Conviction then I think clicks on some new power for the INS to act. So they’ve been to several hearings etc, thought the felony conviction and house arrest meant this was over. At the last hearing the kids had to be there too. It was supposed to be a regular hearing. Instead they were taken into custody, without any ID or money (which means only being able to call out collect). They were shipped several states away to a detention facility, and are being held under the name of one of the kids, which made them hard to find for several days. Currently the immediate task is to get them out on bond, which might not be able to begin until after New Year’s. At least the Homeland is secured.