Anarcho-patriots are people who have immigrated to Anarchy (Anarchy is a nation of immigrants, no one is born there) and adopted it as their new homeland. Like all patriots they love their homeland and wave its flag at every opportunity. They are obsessed with asserting that theirs is the best country in the world, sometimes even to the extent of asserting “Anarchy, Right Or Wrong!” They love to recount the history of their great nation, praising its successes and denouncing the traitors who created its failures.

Some anarcho-patriots see it as their mission to convince others to immigrate as well. Others take it on themselves to act as the INS for Anarchy, making sure that everyone who claims residence in Anarchy has the proper credentials and bloodline. Anarcho-patriots are often hesitant to get involved in something which is not wrapped in their flag. If they do get involved, they will often insist that the project where an armband or wave the flag of the nation. This may be because they want to convince others to immigrate, or because they are afraid of having their citizenship questioned by Anarchy’s INS. Or, they may be concerned that they are betraying their homeland. Or, they may have other anxieties which drive their patriotism – their citizenship serves them as a sort of security blanket. As with all cases of well-intentioned and poorly thought out nationalism, we should treat anarcho-patriots with understanding and kindness, while at the same time firmly but respectfully asserting our positions.