Dear friends,

Please forward this within your networks. Please come to this event.
It’s a benefit show. All proceeds go to help folk in NYC who need it.
It will also be a lot of fun. Details below.

If you can’t attend, please make a donation (details on that below as
well). The workers here were making about four dollars an hour, and
they’ve been locked out for quite a while. They’re hanging in there.
They have had a lot of success in getting restaurants to stop dealing
with the warehouses until the lockout ends which means management
can’t keep the lock out on forever. Still, it’s hard to stay strong
when there’s no money. Anything you can do helps – 50, 25, 10, even 5

Other companies throughout the foodstuffs industry in New York are
paying attention to this situation. Some initially raised wages in
their own shops in response to the unionization at these shops. If
management wins by this lockout it will likely mean worse conditions
and abuses for immigrant workers in the foodstuffs industry throughout
New York.

take care,

* * *


Saturday March 3 • Seward Cafe • 2129 East Franklin Ave.
$5 a head • Food & Drink Available • Doors open 7 pm

Over the last year immigrant workers at 5 warehouses in Brooklyn &
Queens, NY have been organizing with the Industrial Workers of the
World (I.W.W.) for better pay and conditions on the job. Many of
these workers had previously been working 65+ hours a week for under
the minimum wage.

I.W.W. campaigns have forced the warehouse owners to negotiate better
wages, paid vacations and sick time, grievance procedures, and an end
to threats over immigration status. But recently, the owners at the
Sunrise Plus Co. reneged on agreements and fired 13 of the union
workers. An Injury to One is an Injury to All!

Donations can also be made through PayPal on the Internet, by sending
money to For more information, please contact:
I.W.W. Twin Cities GMB: (612) 339-1266


Fundraising Appeal:

Fellow Workers and Friends,

We need solidarity of the financial kind. Please make a donation to
support illegally locked out workers. Your donation will help workers
fight for better lives for themselves and their families, against a
viciously anti-union and anti-worker boss.

Over the last year and half, food distribution warehouse workers in
New York City have organized a union with the IWW. The campaign has
met with resounding success: workers have organized in five different
warehouses, several of which have been certified in National Labor
Relations Board (NLRB) elections, they have forced their bosses
towards full compliance with wage and hour laws, and they have won
several major wage and hour violation cases while still other
complaints totaling more than $100,000 have been filed with the
Department of Labor. Before they organized with the IWW workers were
systematically denied minimum wage, threatened, and kept in deplorable

Lester Wen, owner of the restaurant wholesaler EZ-Supply, refused to
bargain in good faith after workers won an NLRB union election almost
a year ago. In response, the union has put pressure on EZ-Supply by
targeting its customers’ restaurants and convincing them to switch to
other companies. At the end of November, the union and Mr. Wen’s
lawyer reached a tentative agreement on a landmark contract, with
workers winning wage increases, a grievance procedure, paid time off,
and much more.

On December 26, 2006, in a shockingly crass maneuver, EZ Supply
management reneged on the agreement reached in negotiations and
illegally threatened workers regarding their immigration status. In
response, workers went on strike, and returned to work with the
understanding that legal action would be taken. As a result of their
successes, workers have met escalating employer
opposition. Owners from four different warehouses illegally threatened
to call immigration or terminate union workers due to their
immigration status in clear retaliation for the workers’ union

While this week’s coordinated threats by warehouse owners regarding
workers’ immigration status may be their trump card, it represents
only the latest in a series of unsavory maneuvers designed to hamper
the union drive.

There are fifty workers presently who have been fired and are out
leafletting because of this management assualt. They desperately need
our solidarity to sustain the organizing, win their jobs back, and
maintain the standards they’ve brought to the industry. We’re asking
you to make a contribution to our lockout fund, and help these workers
continue their struggle for justice.

We can win justice for them, and their win means more justice for all.
We know that ‘direct action gets the goods,’ and the mature, organized
work of these most vulnerable of workers has already met with stunning
success. But now, the bosses are pulling out the stops. This is where
we need to work together to win. If we can support these workers in
their struggle with the bosses’ power, we all win.

Donations can be made here at this benefit event, via PayPal on the
Internet, by sending money to, or by sending donations
through the mail to
New York Industrial Workers of theWorld
P.O. Box 8266, J.A.F. Station, New York, NY 10116