I admit I am a bit puritanical, because uptight, because raised in the Midwest etc etc.

I admit I am also a bit self-absorbed, which is how I found out about you people.

See, on blogsome there’s a thing that tells me recent searches that have led people to this blog. I sometimes check this thing (self absorbed, like I said). The saddest ever I’ve ever seen ever on there ever is noted here, I won’t repeat the details because I’d hope for this site to get further and further down in the order of what folk in need of that sort of help run across.

One of the grosser ones is the phrase “brother fuck sister” which is, well, yuck. You there, reading this site after that search: shame on you. Yes, shame on you. (And no, I am not ashamed to invoke shame against others and I say a hearty “How Dare You?!” to anyone who would seek to limit the jouissance I get from the utterance “shame on you” by seeking to shame me into being ashamed to shame others. Get thee behind me, shameless purveyors of anti-shame shaming! For shame!). That search has pointed people to comment 7 on this post, which mentions the excellent band Brother And Sister and uses the word “fuck” in it, but not in that way. (Again, shame on you. Though if it’s consensual then I suppose you are allowed to be shameful.)

Here’s the grossest one, which is the phrase “sleep fuckers.” There may be other aims in mind to those who are searching for this term. For those who are so searching, I bid you no ill will. However, I believe some who are searching for said term are in search of pornography wherein a man has sex with a sleeping or unconscious woman. To and about any such searchers – to those who identify with the man, at least – I say “what in the hell is wrong with you people?” and “you revolt me.” Color me normative. This one particularly galls me because it leads people occasionally to a post about a saddening and angering situation in my family which is still not resolved as of this writing and which we have begun to think will end in deportation. My strong feelings about that add to my revoltification.

The aforementioned revoltifying are encouragized to meander elseplaces with their interwebbal grodeytude, perhaps Big Bad Chinese Mama Dot Com will suffice.