Actually, it’s “International Espionage!” I’m really pretty dull. I’m as likely to say “why bother” as am to say “sounds good” when it comes to leaving the house for purposes of recreation. So when Angelica said “let’s go see this show tonite” after reading the upcoming shows listing in a local alternapaper, I was like “okay, if you want.” Turns out, as usual, allowing her enthusiasm to overpower my inertia was the smart choice. I used to go to rock shows all the time. It was the main thing I did.

At this point, I go rarely and pretty much only if I’m very invested in one or more the bands. That can make shows a tense thing, because my investment makes the outcome more of a big deal. If something goes wrong, it means something going wrong in this thing that I care a lot about and rarely take part in. But no, friday we went to see some bands I’d never heard of and didn’t care about. Had a few beers, repeatedly tapped all ten of my toes to a variety of power pop and indie rock beats, and had an all around swell time.

The headlining act was this band International Espionage! who sounded good and got double points for performance. During the first two bands (The Nina The Pinta and Action vs Action respectively, both of whom I would defnitely go see again) there were folks in the crowd in spy outfits – trench coats, sunglasses, briefcases, etc, which was net. When IS! got on stage they all had like ninja outfits on. They started playing kinda clunky keyboardy stuff then four other people in ninja outfits ran onstage with the singer from Action vs Action tied up with his mouth taped shut, shouting imposters. They beat up the impostors in strobe lighting then picked up their instruments saying “WE’RE International Espionage.” The costumes were well done, ninja costumes with utility belts and forhead lamps. The music was good too. Reminded me of the Polysics and what I’ve heard of Devo. It was their CD release party. At some point they announced that all the spies in the crowd had briefcases with IS! cds in them, which was pretty cool.