I’ll be working an office job I think, as a temp. Hopefully, if things work out. My other option so far is a gig as a janitor at a sports stadium, second shift. I’m not keen on that one at ALL, nor am I keen on job hunting as my last experiences at that were so bad for some time. I’m also going to cook a lot and start going to the gym again. I may get a new tattoo if the funds work out. And I plan to work on more language stuff.

More importantly, though, what am I going to READ?!

I hereby commit to reading Being and Time, both volumes of Capitalism and Schizophrenia, and Of Grammatology. All of that is stuff that frankly irritates me. After reading it, I’ll be able to say why.
I’m open to suggestions of works to swap in place of these, but only if they’re similarly irritating and similarly widely(ish) read.

Beyond that, E.P. Thompson. CLR James. Dave Roediger. Any other suggestions?