It’s the title of a thing that Todd and I did for Turbulence. The first issue is online here. A number of things look good in it. I look forward to reading them. If anyone’s interested, our piece is here. Responses welcome too, of course.

The editors we worked with were initially like “your piece is so … reasonable” – as in “it’s a bit dull” – but I guess as it turned out the piece made for a bit of (*hardyharhar*) turbulence in discussions as the issue came together.

I think I’m a prick for saying this, but the inclusion of a glowing piece on the J4J campaign raises my ultraleftist hackles a bit, indicating a place where post-operaist/autonomist thought bridges to left-liberal in its labor guise (a lot the sort of “teamster and turtles together” huzzah-ing after the WTO stuff in 1999), in a way that wouldn’t happen with regard to party forms (in anglophone circles I mean, I think in Italy that sort of thing is more common – Refondazione and the Greens and all that). Ah well. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. (I don’t suppose, actually, rather I’m going to have to start sharpening my infantile leftist barbs, it’ll give me something to do since I’m no longer as interested in shouting “Kronstadt, Kronstadt!”)

A more productive response would be to build a list of materials on the labor movement and workplace organizing for those interested, including criticisms thereof and also criticisms of the social justice industry, professional staff, substitutionism, etc.

Note to self, read this before reading the Mezzadra/Roggero piece in Turbulence. Also, Prol Position #8 is out.