Ended August with General Assembly where someone who is CLEARLY in the employ of the employing class gave me a terrible cold, came home to a struck U, started teaching, been out picketing, cooked some lovely yams, finally nearly over – but only nearly over – the terrible cold, doing a bit of reading of course and am joining a Capital v1 reading group which I’m very excited about both for the book and the people. More posts as I’m able, never fear.

And holy crap do I ever have the best wife there is. She just now as I was typing gave me a present of a hand-knitted finger puppet of a monkey holding a banana or maybe a corn on the cob, she bought it at Popcorn Festival when she was visiting family out of town last weekend and just remembered she’d bought it for me. Sometimes things are good, like finger puppets and turning away trucks while picketing docks and mashed yams. Sometimes things suck, like bosses and being sick and lack of adequate responses – from those who should know/be better – to fucked up picket line problems. Up with the good and down with the sucks! I gotta get me a banner and write that on it, or maybe tattoo it.

Details on the strike at uworkers.org and at workday minnesota. I’m off to bed, maybe a quick drink first.