I taught the first bits of v1 of Capital recently. Parts of chapters 1-3, all of chapters 4-7 or 8, and a short excerpt of chapter 10. They were like “this working day stuff is way easier to read!” I agreed and lamented that I hadn’t made them read more of it. I said “if anyone wants to read the whole chapter and write something on it I’ll give you extra credit.” One student emailed me and said basically “chapter’s a bit dated, all that stuff on England in the 1800s. Can I write something else? I have some idea on the structure of Capital as a book.” I said “sure.” I’m condensing very, very little here – it was all short and quick. Today he handed me a thing he wrote on what he thinks of the book from what we read of it and how it might be restructured. The document is about 9 1/3 pages single spaced. !!

I’m recommending that he read Wage Labor and Capital, A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, and Value, Price and Profit. I’m also recommending Engel’s Outline and the book CyberMarx (he works in IT).

He gets an A, of course, but I’m not telling him till later in the semester.