I’m so tired. My life is really giving me a going over right now. I was going to get a whole bunch of stuff done tonite and instead I talked on the phone to my brother about his college applications and talked to a fellow worker trying to start a branch of the union in a spot where the union doesn’t really exist. I’m happy to do both those things, but it means my work’s not getting done. Stupid work. I can’t remember when I last got like two nights of decent sleep in a row, which is sucktacular. I’m gonna keeping on with the pla to wri a lo this mo, cuz I think it’s good for me, but I’m kinda stuck for what to write about. Any advice?

How about my cat. Yeah, the cat. I’ll write about the cat. The cat gets on my nerves and has always been a cantankerous creature who my wife loves well beyond what it deserves. My wife has owned the cat since she (my wife) was eight years old. She (my wife) is now 29 years old. The cat is about as old as cats get. The vet told us that the oldest cat he’s ever seen was 24 or 25. The cat is really almost done. At this point, she yowls really loudly because she’s quite deaf and often gets disoriented. For a while she was peeing in different parts of the apartment (parts which were not contained within her litter box). Her kidneys aren’t in great shape because she’s really, really old, which makes her urine even more strong smelling than regular cat urine. That was decidedly unpleasant, to say the least.

I say she gets on my nerves, but I’m really pretty attached to her. She’s not particularly sweet, but she can be on occasion. She really likes me. She liked me better when I liked her less. When we first moved in together and my wife brought the cat, she tried to get the cat’s attention and to give attention a lot (she adores this cat). I ignored the cat, not being interested in having a cat. The cat would ignore or rebuff my wife and seek my attention. The cat used to try to sit on the keyboard of my old laptop when I would lay on the floor and type. I would gently shove her out of the way. She got to where she would sit next to me or lay on my back and purr, happy just to be by me. Even then when I was indifferent to her, it was gratifying. My wife found it kind of annoying. Over the years (we’ve lived together for I think 8 years), I’ve grown more and more attached and affection to the cat. She’s gotten proportionally less interested in my attention along the way, which is funny.

The cat has pretty recently gone blind, we think. We went out of town for a weekend or so in October. A week or two after we got home she started being more disoriented and we realized she couldn’t see very well from her behavior. Now it seems like she can’t see at all. She’ll wander into corners or walk straight toward object then stop suddenly right in front of them. She walks the apartment now via the perimeter, along the walls and furniture, and she’s scared to jump down off the bed. It’s sad. She’s not really any more affectionate, but she’s more open to getting attention as she’s gotten more helpless and vulnerable.

The cat won’t last much longer, it’s apparent enough that I already know how she’ll be handled when she dies – I called the vet and asked what the plan is. We’re not putting her to sleep because while she gets confused and stuff, she’s not in pain and doesn’t really seem to be suffering. We figure we’ll keep her around as long as she’s able to be around. My wife is going to take it really hard when the cat dies. The cat is sort of like her baby. She’s commented that she’s spent more time with the cat than with any other living thing, since she’s had the cat so long.

Blogging about your cat is stupid. I wonder, though, is it a cliche? Are there blog cliches?

A quick google search (“blog cliches”) informs me that there are but that’s not what I meant. The stuff I found there seemed to be all stylistic stuff, not content stuff. I meant content cliches. Like for instance writing about your favorite band and how profound they are, or writing about the death of mix tapes or about your own blog posts and then inserting self-referential asides to mark a sort of ironic self-awareness, sort of like stage directions, like the equivalent of raising your eyebrows or shrugging. (*ahem*)

I guess I don’t read enough blogs to really say, I most just read ones of people I already know or theory people. Maybe I should read more blogs about cats, then I’ll see that blogging about your cat isn’t stupid after all, or maybe I should read more blogs about being tired and wanting to stick to your nanowrimo (or really, diet nanowrimo) goals but not having anything to say. Let me tell you, that sounds like really good reading, I wish there was a blog like that.