Or, what’s one commonality between slave and waged labor?

The Midnight Notes Collective write “We might envision capital as a power grid overlaid on a vast nebula, with the working class as that nebula.Workers are captured by and in some ways defined by the grid. That is the sphere of exploitation.”

Part of this grid consists in the measuring functions played by money. Recent works on the history of American slavery discuss slaves understanding of their market value, and how they tried to use their value to influence the outcomes of their sales in slave markets. One positive function of that work is to dramatize the link between the ideal aspects of what Midnight Notes calls capital’s “power grid” – money as ideal measure and account – with the material or corporeal enclosure of bodies.

It strikes me that workers’ compensation schedules, particularly for disability, are another site where bodies are stretched across this grid. Reading those over made my stomach turn a bit sour just now.