Holidays with family meant movie watching. I watched this movie with Jim Cary (sp?) called The Number 23, and watched V for Vendetta again.

The 23 movie is about an obsession with numbers, like numbers as a secret behind what happens in the world – along the lines of the movie Pi. It strikes me that these sorts of movies are about a certain mistake which I think maps onto some stuff that Kant talked about, about nature vs freedom. The attraction of this kind of mistake is that it makes things make sense, and it also allows one to feel like one has a part in some rare knowledge, that one is a sort of elect.

There’s a similar view in V for Vendetta (and I think in Fight Club, though it’s been a while). The sequence where V tips the dominos as metaphor for what happens socially is indicative. Machinations manipulate the machinery of the state and society, causing a social reaction against the current order which causes state repression which causes larger upheaval, that’s the political fantasy there (politics or police?). V also involves the fantasy of being elect – the small group which has knowledge of the world and can act in it.