I’ve been vaguely down for a while, another bout of low grade depression. Not tired so much as unmotivated. A lack of will, if you will: it’s hard to make myself stop or start things. Inertial. A little bit lonely and a little bit anti-social. That’s a crap combo. And going over in my head what seems like everything.

One thing that is highly therapeutic is shouting. Loudly. Shouting along, to be specific. Tonight I broke out an Avail album I haven’t listened to for a very long time, played it loudly while washing dishes. That’s a nice combo. Scrub, shout, rinse, repeat. I accomplish something needing doing, I do something enjoyable, and I feel better afterward.

Speaking of music and enjoyable things, tip of the hat (metaphorically, I don’t wear a hat, at least one that’s tippable and even if I did I don’t know what it means to tip a hat) to my pal Jim’s new music writing blog. I particularly like his post about Sugar. (I got a short story published (on the interweb) once about a Sugar song.)