Prejudice, straight up stupid old prejudice. It always struck me as hippie and that’s not something I ever say in a complimentary way. I finally went to my first class, two weeks ago. Went to my second yesterday. Holy crap. The class was called “gentle yoga” which made it sound like it wasn’t much of a workout. Also false! Thinking “this won’t be much of a workout” I went to the gym earlier in the day to run and lift. Then later went to class. Not easy to get through, let me tell you. The second class was better as I wasn’t already tired. It was yogatacular. I left class feeling the way I’d heard yoga enthusiasts claim to feel. I had always assumed they were lying. I felt refreshed, energized, calm, and just like … good. Physically and mentally. I’m all about it. Unfortunately there’s only one class per week that fits in my schedule, I’d really like to go multiple times per week. (I’ve been keeping to my new year’s resolution, by the way, of getting regular exercise. Sometimes I only get to the gym once a week, sometimes I go three times – that’s ideal – but I’ve worked out at least once a week this year. As much as stuff kind of sucks right now stress- and workload-wise, the workouts are totally worth the time they take. I’m coping w/ stress better and sleeping better.)