Ohmigod I’m so tired. I got about four hours of sleep and it sucks. This is not good for anyone obviously and it was never easy, but I used to able to do this. I mean, it always sucked but I didn’t feel like this when I did this.

I feel like a crumpled beer can. No, an ashtray. No! A crumpled beer can that has been used as an ashtray. Wait that makes it sound like I’m tired from doing something celebratory or sociable.

I feel like a one hundred year old book that is stiff and crackly and crumbling to dust. Except not as cool or interesting.

Speaking of old books, I need to remember to post about the 100 year old hygeine book I found at an antique store in Texas last week.

I was in Texas visiting my mom and my grandma for a few days. As usual when I travel I was too ambitious and brought a bunch of things to read, almost none of which I got too. As usual when I got home I was tired and stressed, part of my ending up as I am today – underslept and managing my time poorly with too much to do. More on my mom and grandma later.

In other news, I have begun to suspect I may be a fictional character, a thought that struck me when I was talking to myself recently. Ha. (I have begun to say “Ha” to indicate that I have just told a joke.)