I had this community organizing job once where my boss who was a prick really hated this local politician. Me being new, it made sense for me to try to have lunch with this politician to see if he’d tell me anything interesting and also just to get a sense of him. Plus it would make my boss feel funny, which I was all for. In the conversation this local politician, who was not the sharpest tack in the box, made some remark about March being the cruelest month. It’s not. April is. My boss the prick and I shared a laugh on that one. One of the most positive memories I have of the guy actually.

And it sure is. Cold again here. Snow and sleet and nastyness. Fuck Minnesota. In keeping with the weather, some cruel song lyrics. These are the cruelest I know of, after a quick and unsystematic rifling through my music collection and memory. All of these are dedicated to winter and to Minnesota.

“The thought that kills me is that the love is gone and the honor’s gone but I’ll fuck you just the same.”
– This is from some song by the Marshes the name of which escapes me just now and I can’t find my copy of the CD. It’s really good. Very bitter.

“I hope someone you love gets cancer, motherfucker.”
– This is on some Immortal Technique record. Tzuchien and Geo and I all drove from NYC to someplace in Canada one time, them playing a lot of rap. That line stuck with me.

“Remember when I said I love you? Well, forget it I take it back. I was just a stupid kid back then. I take back every word that I said”
– Alkaline Trio, “Stupid Kid.” My wife once played this for an ex of hers that she had gotten back to being friends with, not really thinking about it. She had just gotten the album it was on and was like “oh there’s this great song you should hear!” Afterward she felt a bit guilty. I thought it was an awesome story at the time. I still do. I’m petty. (And pretty!)

“I could have been someone.”
“Well so could anyone.”
– From the Pogues’ duet “Fairytale of New York.” It also includes “Happy Christmas your arse, I pray God it’s our last.” I remember thinking this song was funny when I first heard it. It’s not. It’s very sad and angry, like all the best songs.