Rough morning. I’ve got a cold coming on, not been getting enough sleep, working too much, doing too much other stuff, feeling crappy, and have lots more work left to do that I’m not sure I can get done within my deadlines. As a result I had a sort of “what the fuck are you doing?” moment when my wife woke me up early this morning. I’m not proud of that. Happily, I kept it to myself.

She woke me up because she couldn’t find the cat and was worried. The cat is 21 years old, can’t really see anymore, sometimes disoriented, but still gets around quite well and is healthy. Found the cat stuck in a corner in our kitchen, looked really improbable, like something out of a horror movie or something. Like one of those “does not compute” moments in the brain – parts of her body seemed to be occupying the same exact space as other physical objects, which is impossible. My first thought was that she had crawled back there to die.

Our kitchen is small. To the left of our oven is a gap maybe 2 feet wide. We had a wire shelf there with dish towels, oven mitts, a knife rack, etc. It’s rectangular, four corners. The cat was wrapped around the rear right post of the shelf. Looked like she was tied in a knot around it or like it was impaled through her. That’s what my brain came up with for moment. We had to pull the oven out slowly so my wife could climb over the top and back of it to get under the cat. She lifted up on the cat and I lifted up on the wire rack, had to lift them both together. (In the process we sort of broke part of the top of our oven. Ovens are apparently not made for standing on. Have to call the landlord about this later.)

We got the cat and rack out to the living room and could see what had happened. She’d gotten her foot stuck in the wire rack and had twisted herself up trying to get free. She’d ended up wedged into the back corner between rack and oven, with one of her back twined around the corner post. It was pretty bad.

We gently disengaged her. She sort of flopped on the floor and didn’t move much. We brought her food and water. She was very enthusiastic about those, but didn’t move her back legs much at all. Petting made her purr, and we gingerly felt around on her legs to see if she reacted like she was hurt on any spots. Didn’t seem to be, but she wasn’t moving them very much.

My wife got up for a drink of water at 3 or 3:30 am and had seen the cat then. We found her at 6 or 6:30 am. We’re not sure how long she was there. She’d peed on herself and she drank a lot of water quickly, so probably quite a while.

After we got her free she laid in the same spot on the floor for most of the morning, then later did get up and walk around. Hopefully she’s not permanently injured and is merely sore and freaked out. (I threw the wire rack away, set it out next to the dumpster. For some reason that felt very satisfying.) We’re going to take her to the vet later to make sure she’s okay.

Rough morning.


Cat seemed better. Then she crawled behind the stove and got stuck again. I pulled the stove out and got her out. She’s really disoriented and keeps trying to crawl into narrow spaces she finds, including ones that are impossible for her to crawl into, like the 1/2 inch space between the fridge and the cabinet. She paws at the gap and presses into it. Emergency vet appointment in half an hour. My wife has to work until later. I think the vet is likely to recommend the cat be put to sleep. My wife wants to see the cat first, understandably. Sucks. I’m a lot more upset about this than I expected to be. My wife will be very, very upset. She’s had the cat since her (my wife’s) 8th birthday.