… to help me help make a friend of mine happy? I’m glad you asked. But be warned, it’ll cost you three or four bucks.

As some of you know I was in this band like ten or eleven years ago (!) and we made a 7″ single. You can still buy them online. My friend who started the band with me still gets reports about how many copeis are sold. For like ten years, none sold. And just now one just sold in April. That’s hilarious. It’ll totally make his month if more people buy them.

To be clear, I’m not making any promises about the music or the lyrical content. This stuff ain’t perfect. I’m actually a bit embarassed about some of this (and this was the least embarassing band I was in, seriously). And no, this isn’t any kind of get-rich quick thing. He gets a buck fifty per copy, which means he’ll never make back what he sunk into printing them.

Buy a copy here:


Tell you what – if you buy a copy and you hate it, I’ll pay you back. Also please encourage your friends to buy a copy too. But I won’t pay your friends back if they don’t like it. 🙂

And now, let us never speak of this again. Like I said I’m kind of embarassed about this. I try to cultivate embarassment over who I have been as a means of propelling myself ever forward into the future. Onward!