There’s a nice post over at Matt’s, check it out. The post turns around the theory of state capitalism (it appears that Wayne Price uses the theory, which is recommendation enough for me.) This is just some random links on the idea of state capitalism, to come back to later.

Harry Cleaver’s syllabus on autonomist marxism has a section on the subject – “II. The Theory of the Soviet Union as State Capitalism” which is worth reviewing.

A quick search of N&L’s web site for the term ‘state capitalism’ turns up a ton of stuff, to go back over later.

Excerpt from the JFT pamphlet State Capitalism and World Revolution.

Dunayevskaya’s take, pre- the break up of the JFT, here and here, and her outline of Capital v1.

Articles by Aufheben on state capitalism – one, two, and three in a series. Criticism of this series (I’ve not read the criticism yet, can’t speak to its quality.)

Some decent links in the wikipedia entry.

Some discussion of the theory of state capitalism by Castoriadis/Cardan here.
Aufheben’s treatment of Cardan’s distinction between state capitalism and bureaucratic capitalism. Not entirely relevant but some useful stuff still here in Marcel van der Linden’s discussion of Socialism Or Barbarism; also Loren Goldner on the JFT.

Solidarity (UK) used the theory of state capitalism as an argument against national liberation movements.

Review of the Maurice Brinton collection which addresses the issue of state capitalism.

Piece by Battaglia Communista on the subject. (The IBRP has a lot else to say on this subject – this and this are two to come back to. Here‘s a bit of the ICC on the topic.)

Approving use of the theory by the CP(M) of India.

Andrew Kliman on state capitalism as relevant to the present.


Through this stuff I stumbled onto a recent controversy within News and Letters.

Statement by an internal tendency as of March 10

Statement from a UK person close to N&L

N&L’s take as of March 14

The group that split from N&L