Goals are the measure of success. A feeling of success supports the ability to keep pushing forward. Pushing forward is one of the main moral values I have.

1. Assess where I’m at in the various facets of what I’m committed to. Note accomplishments.

2. List what I’ve committed to for the rest of 2008.

3. State what’s important about those commitments and why they matter to me.

4. Note anything missing (such as, “take a vacation”)

5. Use the above to set goals.

Advice from friend and comrade Ted:

Tell someone your goals, that way they are /real/ and set deadlines to both complete or reassess. You should not have a long list of things your “gonna do.” Your to do list should be fairly sacred… it’s not a “should do list.” After you’re done with your personal goals find some other people and make organizational goals.