It’s awesome, that’s what it is. And it’s yet another reason I don’t get more accomplished, like sleeping and working. I was looking for some stuff related to the discussion w/ Mike and Erik and Jasper, on the previous post, re: precarity, and I found some other cool stuff. Like this interview with Sergio Bologna and the site and content list for the Red Notes archive. That in turn reminded me of some stuff I know I have on paper (somewhere) and used to have electronically but no longer do. Hence the wayback machine, with which I uncovered some cool stuff. Said cool stuff is two pieces by Bologna now copied again here and here.

I also found a reference to all of the following (again via the wayback machine) by Bologna —

The Theory and History of the Mass Worker in Italy (1990)

Money and Crisis: Marx as Correspondent of the New York Daily Tribune, 1856-57 (1972)

The Factory-Society Relationship as a Historical Category (1973)

The Debate on “The Other Workers’ Movement” in Germany (1975), and For Karl-Heinz Roth (1976)

Review of Antonio Negri Proletari e Stato (“Proletarians and State”) (1976).

The second is here and the third is one of my recent wayback machine finds. The first (a bit of googling reveals) was published in Common Sense, issues 11 and 12. I believe I have copies of these but I’m not totally sure. Will check in the basement later.

As long as I’m slapping stuff up here, let me also note:

– this article by Ed Emery which includes a helpful bibliography (which is quoted in full below)

– a PDF of the Red Notes “Living in an Earthquake” collection

– and this article as well, “Wiping the Floor with Theory: A Survey of Writings on Housework,’ Eva Kaluzynska, Feminist Review, No. 6 (1980), pp. 27-54.

Whooo! (*Sigh* … this reminds me a little of a half-remembered Processed World slogan about being caught in the world wide web … *Sigh again* … oh…. the internet … )

Off to bed.

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