I’ve never liked the blog-as-newspaper/magazine/publication idea, blogs as a sort of combination of public radio commentary and call-in plus public meeting thing. It’s not that I’m against that per se, it’s just not what most of the blogs I read are about or why I keep this space up. I keep this thing going for my own use, started because I wanted to try and get clearer on some terms and ideas and books and I only know how to get clearer on things by talking or writing. One result of all this that I didn’t expect was that I’ve gotten in touch with some people I like very much and who are very interesting and nice.

I’ve occasionally called this blog a conversation – one mostly about books, one that happens in a diner booth with coffee and greasy breakfast food, a semiprivate conversation that happens in a semipublic place – and I’ve occasionally called this blog a notebook – where I jot down ideas mostly about books, in order to work my way toward something like coherent thought. I just stumbled on the tags used by Doc to refer to some of this blog. These offer another way to characterize the content of this blog: dodgy rants and politico-hacks! Coming from the good Doctor I take this as a compliment. That’s (also) what this blog is and is about (and proudly at that). WHOO! Or rather, woooo!