One of my all time albums is “revenge of the little shits” by I Spy. I don’t own it anymore, I don’t know know where it went. I do have the I Spy complete discography album, though, and I mostly just play the “revenge” section. I love how the songs sound – angry, loud, mostly fast tempo but with tempo changes and stops and starts, dissonant but with melodic parts – and I like the anger and sincerity in the lyrics. And among other things I love how short the album is, how fast the songs are – not in terms of tempo but in terms of duration: they’re over quickly. They’re concise, economical, nothing wasted. It’s like ten songs in about 11 minutes. When I first heard that album I would play it 3 or 4 or 6 times in a row – as long as many albums are. (At one point a housemate said “look this is a good album, but … can you not play this again? for a while?”)

Along the same lines, my friend whose cat I’m watching and whose books I’m reading said I can borrow stuff while he’s away like films and CDs. So I borrowed Nasum‘s “inhale/exhale” CD. I used to own this one too, but loaned it to a friend along with my AC albums and never got any of that stuff back. I don’t listen to grindcore usually or much at all really but every once in a while it’s just right. Sometimes some of the trappings seem a little silly to me – the fonts and the images in the album art and the imagery in the lyrics etc etc – but it’s really good music. I like the abrasiveness of it, the noisy-ness of it, and the anger. I like the sort of athleticism of it – playing really incredibly fast and frenetically but with an element of control, especially as Nasum does it with the pauses and change ups. I know people or at least used to know people who would say “this isn’t music” about stuff like this, I like that Nasum has parts – but, happily, short parts – that even if people didn’t like them are clearly and conventionally music (albeit heavy metal music). That’s a good combo. I like the vocals, the low one and even more the high pitched shrieky/screamy one. That stuff is hard to do, and is impressive, and I like how it sounds. The other thing I like, again, is the brevity. Two of the songs on the album are less than 20 seconds long. There are another 13 that are under a minute. Only three are over 2 minutes long. Again – concise, to the point, very little wasted. And it’s very funny that the album closer “can de lach” seems really, really long at less than three and a half minutes. I think this music makes me listen to and pay attention to other music differently.

It’s also really good music for turning up loud when the neighbors are being loud and annoying in the parking lot just outside my apartment window.

And by the way, Teengenerate – holy crap, Teengenerate!