[Yet another in the “reminder to myself to do something” recent thread of posts, as my reading outstrips my note-taking and thinking/reflecting, and as my interest in reading outstrips the actual time I have to read, which is to say “I shall return! no really!” once more.] I’m feeding a friend’s cat while he’s away, which means I not only get to spend time with his lovely and fun cat (I miss my poor departed cat very much) but I also get to spent time which lovely and fun book collection. Today I leafed through a Castoriadis book and read a few pages of an essay by Balibar, where he goes on and on about ideology. Ugh. What’s the point? I really don’t get it. That’s not at all the version of Marx/ism that I like (and in case it needs to be said, this version is neither anti-intellectual/anti-theoretical nor is it stupid). One of the bits I noticed in the Castoriadis was a tendency he saw in marxism toward two basic impulses: revolution and systematization. From the skimming I did I don’t get the impression he was in favor of the latter, at least as executed by the marxists he was familiar with. This struck me as the case with the Balibar (and all of the Althusser I’ve read on ideology). [More to follow.]