Moving and it sucks. Like I said. And I keep being like “why the hell do I have all this crap? Why do I own stuff? I just have to store it and cart it around, it’s stupid!”

Here’s why I own stuff: cuz it’s awesome. School has made me enjoy reading less so my book collection doesn’t get me as hyped as it used to (though Colin kindly sent me v1 of Capital in German, hard cover, fuck yeah!). My music collection, however, is awesome-tastic. I really own an excessive amount of music, on CD, tape, and vinyl. The cool part though is that I rediscover stuff, especially on vinyl (at least tonite – tonite has been play records loudly while cramming junk into boxes). For instance, there are moments on Screeching Weasel’s record “Emo” that sound a good deal like Crimpshrine, which is fanfuckingtastic and a half, let me tell you. And then when it doesn’t sound like Crimpshrine it sounds like Screeching Weasel. Win-win.

And Sicko. Sicko is so good! I have “You Can Feel The Love In This Room,” which is really, really good! The guitar is tough sounding and well played and the music fast but it’s not aggressive and it’s really catchy. Currently I’m listening to “Worth A Thousand Words,” by Winepress. Holy crap Winepress!

Earlier it was Digger, “Powerbait.” It’s great. Lots of tempo changes and pauses and multipart harmony and witty lyrics about everyday life sort of topics. I saw them once at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago. They were really good so I bought their record. I had this hat at the time that I liked very much. I accidentally left it on the train that night. Jim and I went back to the radio station where he had a show. Turns out that “Powerbait” has a song called “I want my hat back.” Later after we left a DJ played that song for me off the station’s copy – I’d spent a lot of time complaining over loss of my hat (the DJ is this guy I still pretty often when I’m back in Chicago at punk shows and bars and I can never remember his name, it’s embarrassing). This reminds me, I need to really dig into Twin Cities local music. I’m well over my attitude problem about this place, being mad it for not being Chicago. It’s no longer “I should get into local music so I’ll like where I live better,” now it’s “I live here, I love music, so I should get to know local music.”

I heart music. And no matter what happens, pop punk is just so … good. True love oh baby.