So my phone’s been broke a while now and my replacement phone doesn’t work either. I just moved (moving SUCKS – stupid books, I have bruises from the boxes and my forearms are sore from carrying the damn things around, and this was a short distance move!) and my new place doesn’t have internet access. It’s a pain.

Before my move I started futzing with stripgenerator dot com. For instance I made a comic strip for my pal Jay.
Jay has since made several that deal with the positive sides of my current relative lack of access to telecommunication technology. (For the record, in the strips I look like I have a pony tail. I don’t. I have my hair buzzed, and am sadly balding.)

I’d like to say I use my time more efficiently in response to my lack of phone etc, but I don’t know that I do. I do use my time in more diverse ways, though. I guess that’s something. I even go outside a little. Once in a while.