Okay so like I said I had bats in my apartment. It sucked. I blocked all the holes I could find. Well just now I was out of the room, I walked back in and heard like water dripping. This is the room where I do work on my laptop etc. I thought maybe I’d spilled water near the laptop or something. I looked, no glass of water. And the liquid had a yellowy look. Like urine. I looked up, it was dripping down the wall. Andup top, on the ceiling, a good sized hole (maybe 2 inches by 3 inches). Maybe I missed that one – I was very tired from being up all nite when I blocked the holes – or maybe it came unblocked or maybe it’s a new one. Anyhow, this hole is where the liquid is coming from. I spoke to the neighbor who lives right above me, hoping he had spilled something on the floor and it was dripping down. No such luck. He also said they’d had a bat in their place just a few nights ago, after we had bats in ours. Might be another bat. Might be something else. Called the landlord, no anwser. Called an exterminator. Said it’s $200 for the inspection. He’s coming monday morning. Ugh.

No gods, no masters, no nature. That’s my new motto.


My wife came home. Wiped up some of the liquid with tissues. Smelled it. It’s urine. Stupid fucking … bats. World. Nature.

Damn it.