There’s a certain dreadfulness to time spent in anticipation of the unpleasant and unnecessary. Like being in a waiting room. Or waiting the landlord to return a call and for the exterminator to show up and confirm that there are indeed bats and to deliver what will certainly be a prohibitively high quote about removing them.

So, to try and pass this time – Youtube, Weakerthans.

Civil Twilight

Let me also add that I think Civil Twilight is a really good smart sad short story kind of prose poem. All about accessible but literary lyrics.

Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call

The Reasons


Our Retired Explorer

Tournament of Hearts



And that’s just the music videos, there’s also all the live stuff

Speaking of live stuff, did I mention the bat(s)? DAMN IT.


Apparently bat free now. Still no word back from the landlord. Fingers crossed.