Like I said, the police have been cracking down here in the Twin Cities, what with the RNC protests and all.

In 1997 Amnesty International declared that police use of pepper spray is basically torture. More recently, the organization has called for an end to police use of tasers in the US. AI is a reputable human rights organization. Let’s assume that they’re right. Recently the cops in the Twin Cities have been using these weapons on protesters locally.

As an aside, I want to note two things. Pepper spray and “rubber bullets” (which are actually metal bullets, though they’re covered in rubber), stun grenades, tasers, and so on, these things are weapons. The police here are using weapons on unarmed civilians who are not breaking the law and for the few who are, the crimes do not warrant use of weapons. Second, these weapons are what are sometimes known as “non-lethal weapons”, and sometimes known by the more accurate “less lethal weapons.” “Non-lethal” is an Orwellian term. It’s kind of a parallel to “safe sex.” Sex with a stranger while wearing a condom is not safe. It’s just safer than now wearing a condom. Hence the more accurate term “safer sex.” By analogy, these weapons used locally are not “non-lethal.” There’s “less lethal”, which means they’re lethal less often. But they do sometimes kill. And they can and do injure badly, short of death.

Anyhow, this is torture.

And the cities here knew going into this that they would have police use of force. That’s why they negotiated for insurance to cover this, so any police brutality suits would not impact them financially but instead would impact the RNC. At least up to 10 million bucks.

Torture with full financial impunity. Genius.