But first – listen to this great idea my brother and I had! Two actually.

One: minty peru!

This is a running joke at ours. In the movie Better Off Dead there’s a scene where the protagonist’s parents host a dinner for the neighbors including their French exchange student. The mother serves a dinner with French (pronounced “Fraunch”) dressing, French bread, and so on. And to drink, perrier, which she pronounces “Peru.” I’ve been drinking a lot of peru myself (not technically perrier, we drink a cheaper brand), as I’m cutting out soda as much as possible. Drinking fizzy water feels more like a drink worth having than plain water. I particularly like it with a bit of frozen fruit as an ice cube. Last night we stuffed a mint tea bag in a bottle of plain peru and let it sit for an hour or so while we watched TV. It was delicious.

For dinner we had sloppy joe’s with baked beans on the side. I make a decent veggie sloppy joe. Here’s what I do:

Cook up some chopped bell pepper and chopped onion. While that’s cooking take about a cup or a bit more than that of TVP (textured vegetable protein). Boil water. Pour it over the TVP in the cup, so the water just covers the TVP. Cover the cup to keep the heat in. When the TVP is done, throw it into the pan with the veggies. Add a can of manwich sauce. Add a lot of red pepper flakes or hot sauce to taste, and barbeque sauce to taste.

The baked beans is just a can of veggie baked beans with hot sauce, mustard, and BBQ sauce to taste.

Here’s the great idea:

Take pita bread, bake it a bit to take out some of the moisture. Then treat the pita like lasagna noodles. Layer the pitas in a pan. put sloppy joe on top. Then layer of pita. Then layer of baked beans. Then layer of pita. Bake.

Planned side dish=macaroni and cheese. If that goes well then next time we’re going to put the mac and cheese on top of the top layer of pita and bake it that way.

Prediction: awesome.

Now then, the economy.

Apparently the US economy is in trouble or some shit. I haven’t really followed it closely beyond feeling happy that economic suffering is trickling up a bit. There’s some talk of giving out boatloads of money to finance companies. How this is justifiable is beyond me. Here’s another option: give money to the people who lost or are losing their homes. And while it might not help in the short term, it would be incredibly satisfying if all the folk who got richer off this went to prison. Some day. For now, I would settle for a White Sox victory and a Cubs defeat.