Going to bed in a moment. Was all set and had two thoughts I wanted to type out for expanding on later. One – feminism offers support and a useful reworking of Carl Schmitt’s point that the issue of what counts as political or not is itself political. I have a quote relevant here from Sinha’s book Specters of Mother India that I’ll put up later. Two – both Walter Benjamin and Antonio Negri make rather obscure but still (perhaps strangely) compelling remarks on two different types of time, qualitatively different types. This can be mapped in two ways. One is conceptual – these times are present in the two basic modes of working class life, class-in-itself (variable capital, working class following orders working for the boss) and class-for-itself (working class fighting the boss for more and ultimately fighting for lives not reduced to and hemmed in by work). The second is historical, with a history of each mode of working class life and the relationships between the two.

And now, good night. (Note to self – post notes to students in case anyone can use, and ask for tips on teaching argument construction.)