Check it out! The idea is that you write 500 words a day every day in November. I did this last year on my lonesome, sort of, and didn’t realize there was this thing. I feel pretty good about what or at least how much I wrote back then. I don’t have the time and energy to do it this time around, this month. Too wore out and stressed this year.


All of that aside, I voted for the first time ever today. I’d meant to vote before but never managed to so, due to apathy or incompetence or whatever. I decided this time around that it really does matter who wins the election. I’d always thought before that it didn’t matter. I think the world will be better off if Obama wins than if McCain wins. That’s not to say that Obama will do great things for working people, far from it. (I wrote an opinion piece recently at Ericco‘s prompting, for our IWW branch newsletter, arguing that our organization’s stance as neither electoral nor anti-electoral is a strength. Our emphasis is on building a working class organization and movement, the rest is not our bag.) I was talking to my pal Jefferson about this on the phone today (he gently accused me of having drunk the Obama kool aid, though eventually agreed that I’m write that we’re better off if McCain loses). He said that he thinks the Bush administration may have left a huge gift to whoever is the next president. All they’ll really have to do is not be Bush. After things being so terrible a lot of us may be like “gosh, it’s not terrible lately! wow, I forgot how that feels!” Which means that little will have to happen. That’s one option. Another is that Obama is awesome (I doubt it) but the economy and all that is totally fucked and he’s a one term president. I’m sure there’s other options. I don’t feel that optimistic either way, not at the institutional level. Good things won’t come from above.