Hola, amigos. I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I been trying to roll this giant rock up a hill and everytime it gets close to the top it rolls back down. But you know me – I keep on rolling! Roll on, it don’t mean nothing, that’s my motto.

Among other things, I’ve been writing a syllabus for a class on slavery in the US. I was sort of trying to do two or three things at once, so I’ve broken that up into two or three syllabi. One is very nearly done. When it is I’ll post it up here in a password protected post. (Likewise with the other two.) If you want to see it, drop me a note. Feedback welcome. Also been busy digging up more stuff re: the Spanish Civil War and African Americans, details to follow.

Maybe that’s boring. I know I’m bored. Maybe this is too, but two other things I’ve been busy with at least for a minute were a column and a response (to a response to another column of mine), both in the November issue of the Industrial Worker, and a short and kind of crappy editorial piece for my branch newsletter (which otherwise is quite fine – they don’t call me Mister Brings Down The Average for nothing).

Okay, that’s kind of boring too. But this is definitely not. Two thing I have not yet devoted time to but which I plan to devote time to (I hope to get each for xmas) are this book by Staughton Lynd and Dan Gross and this record by Rise Against. Like I said, I don’t have either yet, but knowing the people involved in each I’m sure they’re both good. It’s also a little weird -you know, knowing people who like sometimes … succeed … at things.

Re: Rise Against in particular, it’s like, I saw that band at the Fireside Bowl. Several times. I booked a show for one of the singer’s bands a few bands ago. At one point he joked that we should start a band together, we were both on this young socialists email list. Now they’re in the top ten on the billboard charts. I mean part of this is like “hey I kinda know someone famous!” but it’s also like … “hey that person I used to know, they got famous!” I’m very happy for them. It’s also a bit sad, in a selfish way, cuz I like to see bands in small venues and now I can’t.

In other news, took my first trip to Vertical Endeavors. It ruled. Climbing… climbing rocks! (Get it?) And there’s a new international noise conspiracy album out. My brother says it’s disappointing. That would be, uh, disappointing.