Somehow I’ve become a bit more tuned in to the news than I was for a while. As a result a few stories and tidbits struck me. For one, according to this, 1 in 6 Minneapolis public school kids will go without permanent housing at some point this year. If that’s the annual statistic, I wonder what the rate of kids in Minneapolis who have been homeless is. In other news, I heard a report this morning about the auto industry being in trouble money-wise, all this bullshit about high labor costs and so on. Fuck that. Here’s a simple answer. Nationalize health care. That shifts a cost from the companies and lowers the cost of healthcare making for more efficient use of medical dollars. Not to mention better health outcomes at least as judged in terms of health inequality. My wife pointed out that there’s already rhetoric about the economy being marshaled to limit expectations (the Democrats do this dance with the Republicans; the latter are crazy and send loads of money up in smoke – and of course into their and their cronies’ bank accounts – while the former now talk about balanced budgets and austerity; the party of the pistol-whipping vs the party of the firing squad), and that this is bullshit: healthcare is economic. Education is too. Etc etc etc.