I’m pretty sure this video does not contain the 50 funniest jokes you’ve ever heard, but it does contain 50 jokes which is itself a feat. It’s by Hank Green, one half of the Vlogbrothers, who did a project called Brotherhood 2.0 – the other half is John Green, the author. I’ve not read John Green’s books yet because I discovered him during a busy time in school, but I plan to read him over the christmas holiday. My wife’s read I think all of his books She has great taste in reading (she reads way less boring stuff than I do, it’s not fair) so if she says the books are good then I’m sure they’re good. We saw John Green speak here at the Loft, he was awesome. That was my introduction to his work. He read from his new novel Paper Towns. From the reading, and from my wife’s recommendation, it sounds like a really good book. One that you should buy.