Protection is the name of a really good Massive Attack song. I knew it was good but I hadn’t listened to it in a long while. I loaned several of my Massive Attack cds to Luis about five years ago, along with a Manu Chao and Fermin Muguruza cd. Then Luis moved out of Chicago to San Francisco and I never got my cds back.

In Lu’s defense, it was a massively hectic time. We had just gotten fired, life was a shambles, it was winter… He gave me his bed, actually insisted that I take it because he’d paid too much for it in the first place. My wife and I still sleep on it to this day. Lu’s now on the too long list of people I’m in too infrequent contact with.

On an up-note, thanks to my brother I found about this web site called project playlist, where you can listen to music for free etc. It’s hit or miss on Chicago punk rock, but on Massive Attack it’s quite good. All the records I don’t own anymore are up there. I remembered that the music was good, but didn’t remember how good. A fine way to start the day. Combine it with a pair of veggie dogs and a thermos of tea and I might just forget for a minute that it’s monday.