I just had a depressing series of thoughts.
1. I was talking to Jay on the phone and we were joking around about needing money and he said something like “I can’t get a loan in this economy.”
2. Last time the clocks changed for daylight savings or whatever my wife heard a story of how there’s significantly more heart attacks on the Monday after the weekend when the clocks change so that we lose an hour than when we gain an hour. An hour of sleep apparently means a lot.
3. re: #1, borrowing money is like taking money away from the future.
4. re: #2, not getting enough sleep is like taking life-time away from the future. I consistently fail to get enough sleep, sometimes this reaches proportions where it has clear health effects. This can not be good for me. I’m totally going to die younger than I would have had I been good about getting more sleep.

Damn it.

Back to work!