A regular question deriving from the incompatibility of my delicate hot-house flower constitution and the brutal climate where I reside.

It’s 0 degrees out with a windchill of -22. That’s farenheit, for celsius folk that’s about -18 and -30.

My brother and I just walked the dog. I came in took my coat etc off, checked the temp online, and typed this. My exposed skin has stopped stinging and now feels slightly warm with a hint of tingly.

According to this http://www.weatherforecastmap.com/russia/tobolsk/ the weather’s about the same right now in Tobolsk, Siberia.

I talked to Adam the other day. He lives in California, I think San Jose (the Sans confuse me). He said it was a bit chilly out, which he said I think was like low 50s. From the temp right now to that temp is the same amount as from that temp to a really hot day. Crazy.

I think I’ve lost weight or else my body composition has changed [speaking of which, the other day I was taking a shower and let me just say, wow I think bouldering has improved my calves… wicked] because I think I’m feeling the cold more, though maybe it’s just that I forgot what this weather really feels like. Tomorrow will be a fine day for staying inside and grading. And watching the season finale of Heroes. (By the by – this is post number 700. Yowza.)