I got this via email, posting it here for interested folk.

As the attacks on Gaza enter a second week, including the systematic bombing and destruction of schools, universities and education ministry buildings, it has become clear that academics in the United States and elsewhere must organize to resist the Israeli war machine and push for an end to unconditional American support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

We have formed Teachers Against Occupation (TAO) to enable a coordinated and consistent response to occupations in Palestine and elsewhere. Please visit our website:


On the site you will find an open letter to Barack Obama, written by David Lloyd at USC. We plan to disseminate a version of this letter in various media over the next week, along with the names of those who have signed in support. (…) In the next few days we expect to launch a campaign to place a full-page ad in the Washington Post, and will be soliciting funds for this purpose.

The site is intended to disseminate information and coordinate action. We welcome suggestions and material. You can send these, and sign on to David’s letter, by sending a message to the following address:


We also ask you to circulate David’s letter to friends and colleagues.