So I’m fucking sick again, happygoddamnnewyear (new year’s was real fun actually, all the holidays were, but I think the long bus rides – like 26 hours in less then 10 days, and that’s only the inter-city transit – and lack of sleep took a toll); as often is the case when under the weather I cooked up some comfort food. I’m told that onions, apples, and rosemary have natural anti-inflammatory properties, which will be good for my aching sinuses. So I made the following.

Bread: sourdough, fresh (well, it was when I bought it yesterday)
Filling: baked tofu, salad greens, mayonnaise, mustard, onions

The onions: whole onion, chopped into pieces about 1 inch or so, sauteed with fresh rosemary, cooked until the onions just started to turn translucent.

The tofu: chopped into 1 inch or so wide and thick strips (I just chop the block of tofu parallel to its shorter end), set in a shallow baking tray or deep cookie tray, pour over the marinade so there’s like a tiny layer of standing liquid, like just a coating on the baking dish. Turn each tofu strip over once so both sides get a coating of marinade.

The marinade: about a tablespoon or so of soy sauce and an equal amount of water, about a teaspoon of olive oil, spices to taste (I used garlic powder, ginger, savory, and lemongrass; no idea of the quantities).

The longer you leave the tofu to soak the more flavorful it’ll be. I just threw it in the oven without any time to sit and it tasted good to me. Bake the marinated tofu for about 45 minutes at about 350 degrees farenheit. Exact time depends on how you like the tofu. Cooked longer, it’s drier and crispier. Cooked shorter, it’s wetter and chewier.

Makes a great sandwich (or as my pal Ted says, “sammach”), if I do say so myself. Just needs a name. My wife put cheese on it and no mayo or mustard cuz she’s not as into condiments as I am.