I heard about the TV signal conversation stuff pretty late, like Jodi did, though I think I had heard before she did. Apparently there’s now some call to push back the date for the end of analog TV broadcasting. I’m unclear on the details, I just had the radio on in the background while doing some housework, I mostly leave the radio on to soothe my anxious dog. Anyhow, my gut feeling on the TV thing is to simply want to shrug. I mean, I’ve got netflix and plus there’s hulu.com and youtube, so I can watch all the publicly available TV I want. And even if I got a new TV and stuff, I still couldn’t watch the Mighty Boosh because it’s not on TV here (and just got taken down off youtube, damn it). And then there’s web-specific programming, like this excellent show I just discovered, The Guild. That’s not to say the TV conversion is a good thing, I don’t have strong opinions on it but I suspect it’s unfair and crappy for folk with less money, as are most things. I just mean that for me and my household, maybe we don’t need a converter box, we’ll just unplug from broadcast TV except as mediated through services that let us control our own viewing. Plus I’m probably buying an XBox360 and Rockband 2, in which case I won’t have any other interest in watching TV. (Okay that’s a lie. I’ll still totally watch TV. I just don’t need broadcast TV to do that.)