So my youngest brother tells me my grandma used to make this for him and my other brother. She never made it for me. What the fuck. Unfair, I tell you. Since I’m an adult and all, I can make my own damn food (take that grandma!). I just made a vegetarian version of it. Hell’s yes.

Here it is.

Take two vegetarian hot dogs. Cook them. Cut them in half long-ways, not completely but just enough to fold them open. Put a thin slice of your favorite cheese down the length of each dog. Put both dogs on one piece of bread. Cook some vegetarian bacon. Set one to one and a half strips of bacon on each dog. Bake or microwave the whole shebang just a bit, to get the cheese a bit melty. Serve with ketchup.

It was awesome. It sort of made my mouth hurt, in that too much sugar/too much grease kind of way. Hurt, but hurt so good.

I’m totally going to have a hot dog party.