Seriously, go buy the Arrivals‘ albums. They’re really good.

My lovely lady friend and I braved the insanely fucking stupidly incredible cold of Minnesota winter to see some of the rock music tonight, with Jeff and Mike. We wouldn’t have gone except we had already bought tickets. This is part of what sucks about getting old (dude I’m 30 which in punk years is like 130… actually maybe I’m thinking of dog years…. whatever, you get the point) is that I’m all like “could go out, but why?” like all the time pretty much. I have a lovely wife, a cute dog, lots of books, a computer, some movies and board games and card games and stuff (ooh! I got this great one for xmas called Guillotine where it’s the french revolution and you get points for executing nobles, real fun – makes me want to know more about the french revolution), and musical instruments, plus there’s food and it’s warm here. Why leave?

Because going out is fun, that’s why. I just forget it until I’m out. Case in point, show tonite. Headlining act was the Bouncing Souls. They were okay. I mean, they were really really good. Played real tight, stuff is melodic and anthemic. It’s not my thing though. Just doesn’t click for me. (The only tune I really like a lot is the one about the quotes from 80s movies and I think they didn’t play that one.) We went partly cuz Jeff wanted to, I guess they’re like one of his old long time bands – I get that, going to see your old long time bands, the problem is that those are hard to share cuz part of why you love them is that they’re your old long time band and if someone else hasn’t had them that long then it just won’t really work the same way for them; I say this as someone who has several old long time bands and has tried to share them and it never actually works right – and we went partly because it was something to do and mostly cuz it was the Arrivals. My wife and me aren’t sure if we saw any rock shows between January and November of 08. We probly did. But we don’t know. We saw a good show in November. Then we’ve seen 4 in the past month. The Arrivals played at all four. So they’re real high on my list right now. They’re awesome and everyone should buy all their albums (as it turns out, they have an EP I don’t have, and are putting out a new 7″ or EP soon-ish, like this spring).

I think if the Bouncing Souls were an opening band I’d have loved them, I think I had an attitude problem for some reason.

Anyway I digressed – going out is fun. We were both like “oh… it’s cold… I wish we could have stayed home….” Then we got there and it was wicked fun. Drank some bitters and ginger ale (she’s not drinking while she’s pregnant, so me neither, though I do still once in a while), which is a tasty drink for all occasions. Saw the Arrivals rock it up. Watched some souls bounce, ate some french fries. Goods times. Except her morning sickness, which is really all day sickness especially when she hasnt eaten enough, kicked in late into the show so we had to find food, stat! Still, a good time. I have to always remind myself, I will actually enjoy going out once I get there. Like going to the gym.

In other news, I’ve been sticking to my new years resolutions. Shaved up yesterday. Been exercising every other day or so, and climbing a fucking ton. Today me and my brother and his friend John and my friend Andy went to a climbing gym where they have ropes instead of just bouldering. We bouldered first so I got tired, made me less good on the top-roping. That sucked. And holy crap am I ever afraid of heights. I got better at that after I climbed more but … damn. I need to top rope a lot more so that goes almost all the way way. My brother and me are going on 3 outdoor climbing trips in April/May, that’ll help but I want to practice a lot before that. I’d like to do good on the outdoor trips. Between climbing and working out hopefully I’ll be able to do well. Climbing totally motivates me to work out. I don’t like to work out, it’s boring and I’m lazy. But I heart climbing and since I’m not in good enough shape to do it as much and as well as I’d like I’m motivated to work out. Better fitness will equal better climbing for longer. Thus I work out more. I’ve also helped motivate myself by putting a giant post it note/sheet of butcher paper on the wall by my desk and writing down my workouts. That’s validating for some reason. Putting stuff in writing makes it more real, somehow. This also makes the empty space a bit of a challenge, I want to work out to fill it up.

Over and out.

Oh yeah – ps, check out the new WSA web page. We rock. We don’t rule, though, cuz we reject that sort of hierarchy. Snap!