Here’s the worst bit: a $100 fine for a book I returned and they lost. Fuck me.

Here’s the best bit, or at least my personal favorite bit: at the top is a section organized according to the Dewey decimal system, containing much material that really has no business being in open circulation and ought to be in an archive. Like for instance, bound volumes of factory inspector reports from the 1890s. Fuck yeah.

And now, I’m going to bed. But before I do, let me assure you that I will at some point have an interesting point to make about something. I’ll try and let you know.

Oh and what the hell, an update on my goal of getting regular exercise:

since making that a new year’s resolution I’ve basically kept it. The first week of 09 I was real sick and didn’t work out. Since then I’ve exercised at least 3 times a week ever since, including using the eliptical machine, stationary bike, weight lifting, indoor bouldering and rock climbing, yoga, and yesterday a class on my abs (my “core”). I think I have like a week to go and then it’s my first reward, which will be either a massage or a trip to this fancy barbership for an old fashioned straight razor shave to my face and scalp. I’m sore from the abs class, which on the one hand is depressing, as I really am in poor shape in many ways, but on the other hand is great because it means the class is a good work out and I’ve got nowhere to go but up. I’m told that core strength will also make me a better climber.

The key to regular exercise: writing it on the wall. Technically a big sheet of paper stuck on the wall, but the point is the same. (Note to self: finish the post on Foner, and write a post on immaterial labor and that defense industry memoir I read.)

And now, really, to bed.