So like at one point I was banging out theoretical blog posts at a breakneck pace, I was like a … a theoretical blog post making machine set to the “make many theoretical blog posts, and quickly” setting. Then stuff sort of changed. Among said stuff, I got depressed, I got busy, I moved to a history department and got more serious (in part because more scared) about being
somewhat disciplinarily competent, etc etc. A major thing that changed is that I sort of mined most of what I was interested in of the “post-operaismo: threat or menace?” line of thinking that was the mutant descendant of my earlier “post-operaismo: best thing since sliced bread or even better than sliced bread?” line of thinking. This (the former) exasperated and exasperating line of thinking occasionally resurfaces but less often and with less excitement on may part. As part of all that, some of the basic questions I had and the basic methods of question generation that I had have dried up a bit. When I first started this blog I had several key terms I wanted to get clearer on. I no longer have that so much. In the meantime, I started writing a bit more about other areas of my life. This was partly in the hopes of keeping something of the habit of writing, and partly out of getting more comfortable with talking about all that, and partly because the blog had become somewhat less anonymous in that more folk who know me in my offline life started reading it so it was like what the hell I might as well write about that stuff. Problem is that stuff sometimes annoys me, in that I feel like the blog isn’t as worth (or, at best, is differently worth) reading with that content as it was with other content. Not that it was all that worth reading with that other content either.

The other (another other) thing that happened is that I started writing a bit for other venues, like columns for the Industrial Worker, that gave me a bit of an outlet from some stuff that I never really talked about here. This space was mostly for theoretical reflection and for goofing around, I’ve never used it to talk much about concrete political stuff, and I’m not sure why.

I do still have things I want to post about and posts to finish like the one on Foner and precarity, and on the book by what’s his name (the Africanist, book with the blue cover, fuck what the fuck happened to my fucking memory?), and on Cohen’s book and on some SolFed stuff I read recently.