Got a tip on this from a friend. From the Guardian

the Slovenian philosopher and writer, Slavoj Zizek, has emphasised that the purpose of [an upcoming conference] is not to “deal with practico-political questions of how to analyse the latest economic, political, and military troubles, or how to organise a new political movement”. He added: “more radical questioning is needed today – this is a meeting of philosophers who will deal with communism as a philosophical concept, advocating a precise and strong thesis: from Plato onwards, communism is the only political idea worthy of a philosopher.”

Regarding this –

French philosopher, Alain Badiou, author of the recent book on the French president, The Meaning of Sarkozy (…) “The communist hypothesis remains the good one, I do not see any other,” said Badiou, in his foreword to the conference programme. “If we have to abandon this hypothesis, then it is no longer worth doing anything at all in the field of collective action. Without the horizon of communism, without this idea, there is nothing in the historical and political becoming of any interest to a philosopher. Let everyone bother about his own affairs, and let us stop talking about it… what is imposed on us as a task, even as a philosophical obligation, is to help a new mode of existence of the hypothesis to deploy itself.”

Yes. But what sort of help, decided up on in what matter, and the efficacy of which shall be evaluated how?