A lamentable turn to lamentation characterizes many a blog post here, as at least one reader has noticed (the one typing this), tied to a turn toward quips. This was partly due to general unhappiness in my life. Happily I have had good personal news to report and am over all really quite good. With that happy result I’ve realized that the bumps in my life occurred around the same time as the bumps in the blog but their at best approximate simultaneity did not attest to an important causal relationship but was only coincidental. Feeling better I now see the issue with the blog has been simply a matter of itching and scratching. What used to satisfy no longer does but the inclination toward satisfaction remains. Said satisfaction missing, is, to be specific, a matter of the link between political aspiration and intellectual practice. That is, the itch needing scratched resulted from a combination of two separate needs, maybe three. I have a sort of moral need related to my political views, an intellectual need, and a need to have the two be linked. This is a tall order. At one point this blog focused on material which satisfied that duo or trio of needs. Much of that material no longer satisfies but I insist that such satisfaction can be had, particularly now that I’ve gotten clear on what the disconnect was. There will no doubt be further disconnects, learning curves and the like, but I remain convinced that this problem, now known, will prove solvable.

To the Emerald City, comrades!