I really should be doing many other things. Instead I’m watching Harvey’s lectures on Capital v1. Currently watching, or at least listening to, the introduction. (This reminds me – I think I’m going to pitch the next Marx reading group like it’s sort of a 12 step program, like a “Not Having Read Volume One Of Capital Anonymous.”) I really like it so far.

He’s got a lovely voice and accent, and I like his admission that he initially didn’t have a sense of how to understand the world or Marx, and I really like the point that we don’t understand Marx’s Capital v1 until you get to the end. I don’t know if I agree that v1 is a good read, though. I love that book, but I think it’s got some big writerly flaws.

I really like Harvey’s exasperation with classes that excerpt out a few chapters of Capital as if that gives a clear sense of what Marx is on about, and his general orientation toward reading Marx in a group – checking preconceptions, sticking close to the text, etc, all good stuff for any reading.